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DronaHQ now available as a "Core"

Introducing "DronaHQ Core". Core will be immediately available for all customers who have already migrated on DronaHQ 6.x. [To get started drop us an email at and we shall assist you].

What is DronaHQ core?

Background: DronaHQ has been traditionally offered to enterprises as a "Container" to host a collection of end user services on a single container with shared resources. For many of our customers - start point to their mobility roadmap begins with a single "End user service". This made the end user to log into the end point service via DronaHQ container home screen.

DronaHQ core addresses this particular gap where a single end point service with custom Ui/UX (which may in turn maybe a collection of service) has to be packaged and delivered to the user.

Why go DronaHQ core way and not PhoneGap or Cordova route?

In addition to existing container capability on front end as well as backend, DronaHQ core comes bundled with prepackaged Cordova and host of other "Developer essentials" prebuilt engineering services on the app side. This makes building and managing an app relatively simpler & faster.

What are the benefits for an enterprise to use DronaHQ core for all their apps
  • Apps are built faster as many of the complex engineering elements of the app like offline capability, push notification, secured storage, device authorization, SSO and many more come out of the box
  • For all apps on DronaHQ - Dev-ops become neglible with continued DronaHQ promise

    "Core will be supported on all future releases of OS on all of the supported platforms"

  • Upgrade apps in realtime on DronaHQ Core on cloud

  • Makes it simple for the business team in situations like phase wise launch of app, add additional features, etc

Get in touch with your account manager to schedule a demo and explore the benefits.

Incase if you are an indie developer - then get in touch with your developer evangelist to know more about this.

Drop in your queries in the comments or email me at divyesh at and I would love to help you with more information.

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