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Enterprise Mobility: How can you do it right?

Enterprise Mobility is here, it’s big and it’s important. These days a lot of organizations are missing the point on going mobile for their business functions and still prefer to “save it for the next quarter”. Even if they go mobile with their internal business apps, they create hybrid/web and native applications which are treated as native applications, taking away the flexibility and scalability that web/hybrid bring with itself in terms of continuous deployment.

Looking at the trend of mobility over the last couple of years, having a mobile strategy is critical for your business and mobility is going to be the center of your transformation. Being in Enterprise Mobility Sales, I come across so many companies and businesses that do not have mobile apps for their critical business functions such as Sales, HR and Operations etc. Even if they do, they have created multiple native apps for each process/function and there is a lot that goes into maintaining, supporting and upgrading them across the 4-5 major mobile platforms.

Why don’t companies create mobile apps? More so, why are they having a tough time managing them?

One of the biggest reasons is that most of their databases and workflows are custom built and complex. Companies create multiple web apps on an Oracle and then trying to get them mobilized. Considering the complication of their systems, building enterprise mobile apps that are easy to use across various mobile platforms becomes not only a time consuming but also a costly affair. In most cases such an app could take anywhere between 6-8 months to create and cost upwards of $200,000.

Another challenge is the dynamics of the business and the changing enterprise requirements. Creating a native app grounds up across all major platforms/creating multiple mobile web-apps using an HTML5(Wrapper Tech) still has its own set of problems such as change in business logic/uploading updated versions on the various app stores/expecting all users to update the app (Even worse if the update is business critical)

What then arises is a need for companies to be able to create and deploy multiple apps quickly across platforms in fairly sane business time (and not 6 months!). Here is where a product like DronaHQ comes into the picture – helping you create and deploy multiple mobile apps on a single platform Over-The-Air. Creating and “Appifying” your current business processes on such a platform takes nothing more than 3-4 weeks, which is timeframe normally unheard of. Changes and new apps can be created and deployed over the air – thus reducing dependency on user to update the app and the TAT to go live.

Let us know what are your experiences and challenges faced while implementing mobility in your organisation in the comments section below!