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How to sell your mobile budget?

Building a Case to Sell Your Enterprise Mobility Budget Enterprise mobility is gaining value as more C-level executives see the long-term returns of using mobile applications for engagement. However, it's not always easy to convince executives about the value of an enterprise mobile app, especially in B2B scenarios. What is the most important metric that's called upon to define the success of an implementation? Return on Investment (ROI). It goes to show that you need to align the value of your mobile application with the business objectives, goals and revenue targets. At the same time, you need to highlight its non-financial scope – increased productivity of employees, brand building, enhanced customer satisfaction, opportunity cost, time savings – factors that may not be tangible in every case but assuredly have a positive effect on bottom line. These are the valuable insights given by our customers at Drona Mobile. The idea behind the enterprise mobile app should convince C-level heads. Does the app address an organizational need? Will it make the enterprise more competitive? Will it improve turnaround time for employees and customers? Will the mobile app generate sales leads? If your app will be available on various smartphones, will the increased adoption influence revenue? Will the app drive customer loyalty or enhance employee productivity? So how should you sell your mobile budget to the CFO? Sell it as an investment. Because that's what it really is. You should have a business plan ready with the possibilities of the app tied to the ROI. How will the app build brand image? How will it be marketed and what are the marketing goals? How is the app positioned against competition? How well does it fit the market scenario? Anticipate that the app will not generate returns overnight. It may take weeks or even months. The proposed budget should to be amortized over the span of time you expect the app to begin delivering benefits to the organization. While adoption rate is an important metric to measure the success of a mobile application, it isn't the most important. The justification of your mobile budget will come from the app's use in increasing the convenience and productivity quotient of the targeted audience. Do sales close faster? Are customers happy? Are employees better engaged? Are mobile-delivered employee trainings showing results? These are the actual selling points of an app and should be emphasized in your budget meet. To know how Drona Mobile's customers have got their ROI Call +91 22 6758 1740 Now!