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Powerful 10 Security Measures for your Enterprise Mobile

Corporates have gone mobile and started developing their own app and in this process, their workforce is allotted smartphones; using which they access the specified company application from everywhere. Proliferation of smart phone usage comes with pre-defined safety measures which are listed below. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="SmartPhone Security"]Secure smartphone using these powerful tips [/caption] 1. Avoid unknown software installations which are available free or at economical rate
2. Beware of pirated software’s that could infect your phones within seconds.
3. Traditional malwares affecting desktops like Trojan horses, viruses, and worms do not significantly infect smartphones currently; although there is mounting consensus between technical security professionals that mobile handsets will soon be a hot target.
4. Choose a complete security solution for smartphones with automatic updates
5. Safeguard your personal and confidential data with strong passwords
6. Stay alert on your Bluetooth, WIFI, and Infrared. Switch these off or set it on a non discoverable mode after use.
7. Avoid storing or e-mailing classified documents through mobile
8. Never leave your phone unattended or unlocked
9. Always keep a copy of the IMEI (International mobile Equipment number) handy, so that you can ask your operator to block your SIM from being used after its gets stolen or lost. Smartphone theft or loss is the most prioritized security hazard that in turn affects the critical data and thereby decreases productivity.
10. Never try to download catched or malicious content.Business transactions over smartphones have increased with time, sensitive data transfer is a major cause for concern, as these can be intercepted through the Internet networks, cloud computing, via tapped phone lines, or interfering wave transmissions.