2010 Mobile Year Insights!

GLOBAL – Accessing media on mobile phones has increased significantly, with more and more people using their phones in other ways than just making a phone call, according to The 2010 Mobile Year in Review report presented by comScore. Some of the insights to that report.

Social networking was the biggest draw for people with a 56 per cent increase over the same time last year with almost 58 million mobile subscribers checking their friends status updates, shortly followed by classifieds growing by 55 per cent with 17 million users and online retail seeing a 53 per cent rise from the previous year. Europeans are big on using their phones for mobile gaming with 25.3 per cent. Read More


My take on Mobile apps v/s mobile WAP

The debate on mobile apps v/s mobile wap solutions is on since long now.

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My two cents to give you your answer for “What should I go for?”
Well, Most of you will agree that accessing your gmail or facebook or twitter on mobile phones has great experience while accessing them through application over a browser. So when should we opt for the browser or WAP based solution? Read More


Are you sure your business can ignore the mobile revolution?

Day in day out you read and hear stories about businesses adding a mobile wing.


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Little confused about what is this hype all about? Mobile Revolution ??

Lots of talk about different options to get involved with mobile but

“What is suitable for my business?”

In this article we will see different variations possible (Also considering Indian MSME market ) to get into mobile world. We shall see the difference between them. And some examples. Lets us make this simple. Read More