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"Your hybrid app cant have a large secured offline storage" - Debunking the myth

My interaction with many IT/Mobility leaders seems to suggest that some of the major reasons to go native with their enterprise app turns out to be:

  • Large offline storage
  • secured offline storage
  • High security needs

And these reasons make them trade the benefits of going hybrid like cross platform, faster turn around time, low cost, etc with native apps down sides. Many vendors like Kony would suggest to go the hybrid route and many leaders fall for it.

Here is why we think that is a myth.

Offline storage support in hybrid apps dont stop at local storage and there are tons of articles available on web for any one to get started

  • SQLite
  • File system

Indeed local storage has limitations - limited storage, not secured but then other options do exists. Obviously a developer would need to sweat it out to get it right but it saves the business the trade off.

To make things simple for business as well as developers, DronaHQ comes built in with secured local storage and gives off the shelf APIs for secured SQLite (ciphered). This makes the whole aspect of storing large offline data in a secured way, a cake walk.

Bottom line: Cordova + crosswalk have only grown powerful and both of them co-exist on DronaHQ container. This overall makes life simple for all enterprise apps developers when it comes to building extremely complex apps.

Reach out to me @divyeshkharade on twitter or leave a comment here and I would love to help you with more information.